This page is to get to know a bit more about me, Melissa Eden and how I came about to start up Native Stud.

From a very young age I had horses all around me as my dad always had horses from breaking in horses for many years which included breaking in the Saint James that were bought down from the hills to going onto training the standardbreds but then giving up in the early 90's.

I first started riding at the age of 5yrs at the riding school just down the road with getting my first pony at the age of 7yrs old with having a few ponies along the way and doing Springston Trophy in 1989 and 1991 on 2 different ponies from there I had a few different horses and a couple of standardbreds as hack to find homes for.

Then when I was about 14yrs old one of dads race horses came back from the trainers as he strained his heart and wasn't able to carry on, few months out and I started him under saddle, this horse Native Chip(Chip) became one of the best horses I have ever had and being by Native Hap dad gave Chip the Native from his sire, that's where Native Stud came about and everything I breed carries the Native name.

Chip excelled in everything he did under saddle at lower levels with many champions and wins in trial riding, show jumping, dressage and eventing plus was awesome at pony club games.

Since then I have had many good standardbred riding horses, too many to name.
In 1994 I found out there was a pinto stallion called Wilkie's Wonder at stud and went out to find a mare to send to him, picked up a grey mare called Rosanne Dawn(rosie) and put her infoal the following season, 23 October 1996 Rosie foaled a plain bay foal, she was a stunning wee filly but not quite the colour I wanted.

So in 1999 I talked to the stud that stood Wilkie's Wonder about buying a foal and purchased mare and foal at foot, the foal is now my broodmare Native Pep.

I tried  the following season with 2 mares to breed to Wilkie's Wonder with none of them even getting infoal so I purchased a coloured colt as Wilkie's wonder was in his 20's and I wanted a colt to breed my own with, this colt is my foundation sire Native Apache, he just served the 6 foals before gelding him due to him being quite colty and with me not being that experienced with stallions I felt he was better to be gelded and is now a hack.

Out of those 6 foals born 2 were pinto colts  and one out of Arnroy's Pride(dam of 2 trotting winners)so I decided to keep her foal for breeding and that is Native's Pride(Spike).

Native's Pride Stood 3 seasons at stud just covering my own mares with about 50% coloured foals by him, I had a few colts by him to carry on with so gelded him also as he was to me wasting in the paddock as I felt he would make a fantastic riding horse for someone.

I now have a son of Spike's in Native Snow Warrior(George) stood his first season at stud in the 2008/2009 season, George is out of my buckskin mare Jasmine and got both mum and dad's colour so will be very exciting to see what he leaves the following season.

I also break in all my own standardbreds as yearlings into harness and gait them up also, I just educate them so they can carry on and go to a trainers as 2 yr olds to see if they will be good enough to become race horses.

At this stage most of the colts and fillies will be retained for breeding stock.

For the last 5 yrs I have been rehoming standardbreds that have either retired due to not being good enough to race or finished racing and the owners/trainers feel the horses have the right nature and attitude to become hacks.
Have re homed over 200 horses in that time all around NZ with them being used for many disciplines, some have been very successful with their new owners out and about which is nice to see how well they are doing.

So that's about me, hopefully gives you an idea of what I have done and what direction I am trying to go in with what I am now breeding.